In Musings on November 16, 2008 at 5:37 pm

I can hardly believe it myself, but I’ve started a professional blog. That means you won’t find (m)any rants about family life or my obnoxious neighbor’s OCD tendency to move around his furniture quite loudly. No, here you will get the following (imagine in comic-book captions shaped like stars and explosions):


Bonafide Writing Tips: Beginning with my book Make a Scene, as well as cribbing liberally from other people’s wisdom, I will pontificate and expound and be a good know-it-all to help you improve your writing.


Business of Writing: Everyone wants to get published. We’ll discuss methods and madness around that.


Talking Heads: Yeah, I’ll have cool people guest-blog about their own writing trials and tribulations, people you can admire or envy or feel superior to, if you like. I will also post interviews that I’ve published with people in the field.


Creativity: Based on my other book, co-written with Rebecca Lawton, Write Free: Attracting the Creative Life, I’ll also take you through creative exercises and discussions if “craft” isn’t your thing, or if you’d like to focus a little bit more on getting writing and less on getting published.


Free Books: Yes, in these trying financial times, I will be offering free books after asking you to jump through burning hoops of fire, do ridiculous dances and sing embarrassing songs.


So stick around, and bring your friends, too.

  1. Jordan,

    This is just what I did after I got my contract with WD for a book on critiquing. I kept my personal blog, too, because I need a place to vent and because I wanted to stay in friendly contact with the other bloggers I’ve met there.

    Good luck with this site–I’ll definitely be coming back. It looks great!

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