Playing toward Publication

In Business of Writing, Write Free on February 4, 2009 at 1:46 am

Month-Long Write Free Playshop: Playing toward Publication
Join us for the first Write Free Month-Long Playshop in which you exercise your creative chops and aim for your publishing dreams. We are now accepting sign- ups at our website for this new month-long, self-paced Write Free Playshop, which begins in March, 2009. Join us every weekday for four weeks (20 days), for the following activities, which will be sent to you in a daily e-mail (except for the Weekly Message, which will come once a week):

  • Write Free Writing Prompt to jumpstart your own personal freewrite for the day
  • Quote on Attraction to inspire and align you with your best creative life
  • Word of the Day to spark your imagination
  • Exercises to work new writing muscles
  • Weekly Message from Jordan and Becca on writing craft, practice, and community.

All this for $19.95-less than $1/day for the whole month! 

To SIGN UP, visit:


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