Hellride to Home-ownership

In General on June 5, 2009 at 11:13 pm

Assuming I have any readership left, I’m sorry, folks, for disappearing. In the past two months my husband and I have been on what I am affectionately calling the “hellride to homeownership.” It’s a story I’m working on how to express, but woo-wee, let me tell you it was not a straight path. Labor might have been easier, in fact.

And in that time, though I’ve managed to continue working, that’s about all. Blogging, fiction writing, personal time-all that has one out the window. So I hope to have more for you here soon!

  1. Hey Jordan,

    You picked a good time to become a homeowner and I hope you guys got a good deal. Hope you wrangle yourself some “me” time in the next couple of weeks. It’ll all settle down and be a distant “experience” soon enough. Unless you’ve got painting to do. Ug. That never seems to end.



  2. John, we did end up getting a decent deal, and a great interest rate. And yes, I have 3 days of babysitting next week, hooray! We don’t have any major painting to do except for my office, but that will be fun.

    Thanks for continuing to visit the site.

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