If I Were the Graduation Speaker

In General on June 13, 2009 at 8:52 pm

Yesterday I saw my youngest sibling, my 18 year old sister Amanda, graduate from high school. The same high school I graduated from 17 years ago.

I will admit that rather than finding all those forward-looking sentiments about the future and destiny endearing, I can’t help but feel a little cynical. It’s not that “following your heart” and “seizing the moment” are bad pieces of advice. They’re important and I sure as heck did my share of both. But I think the most honest lesson of high school graduation is really: you’re free now to finally claim all your mistakes as your own, and that, my dear, dewy-eyed friends, takes a long time and isn’t always a lot of fun. No more blaming the folks (well, you can in therapy), your siblings, the limitations placed upon you by school and so on. You may not be old enough to drink but you’re old enough to face your demons.

So I hope that all those kids will find an outlet like writing. Whatever writing is for them. White water rafting or visual arts, or being a mime. Because that (and some good friends) is the only thing that makes growing up easier.


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