A Fresh Coat of Paint

In General on June 21, 2009 at 4:16 am

Many a time I’ve stared at the ungainly draft of a novel wishing I could just slap on a can of “instafix” and be done. Since that’s not how writing works (and why didn’t I choose to become a painter rather than a writer?), sometimes one needs to reach out beyond the written word to the paint store for inspiration.

Today I painted my office. I’ve been living with institutional gray and wondering why I didn’t feel inspired sitting down at my desk!J office before




My husband and I knuckled down for the weekend and painted, while our 1 year old boy was surprisingly patient, playing by himself for many hours, as if he understood that his parents would be much happier when this job was done.

The result is spectacular. The color alternates between peachy and yellowish tones, and is warm and inviting no matter what time of day. You can’t be in a bad mood in this room anymore–if you are, you’ve really got problems! And what’s better, it’s an instant improvement, unlike the muddy world of my novel.

I am not lying when I say I spent the rest of the day in here pretty much with ideas pinging around my brain like the hummingbirds in the tree outside my window. I scribbled a bunch of new ideas on post-it notes for articles, the novel and future classes.  Painting refreshed my creativity!

So I want to recommend it to anyone who has the ability to paint their office. You might be amazed what it can do for your creativity!Office new paint


  1. Doesn’t the environment make so much difference? I need a place to write that is quiet and comfortable. We went with a subdued, but still sunny yellow, for our office and it is so nice. Got a couple of big windows that look out on the back yard so that I can be distracted by squirrels, birds or whatever might be hopping through.

    Your digs look terrific. I’m sure Jordan’s Muse is quite happy there.


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