Why an Online Class is Good for You

In General on July 8, 2009 at 6:52 pm

We all learn differently. Some of you may need the crack-slap harshness of a teacher’s burning gaze on your actual skull to motivate you to learn. But many people I know prefer the silence and stillness of working at their own desk without those nasty halogen lights or the sound of fellow students snapping their gum.

Online classes are also good for anyone who:

  • Wants to work at their own pace
  • Is shy in groups or prefers smaller settings
  • Likes to control their own learning environment
  • Wants a great educational experience for an affordable price

If you fall into this category, then I just happen to have some classes for you.

Fiction’s Magic Ingredient, Sessions  II.   Session II is already half full! Register by July 20th to get these classes at $99–that’s $50 off the regular price!

Learn to Layer. The Art of Scene Types.
October 5 through 30th. 4 weeks.

It’s one thing to master the scene, but another to learn to layer them for powerful effect. Avoid “monochromatic” fiction that lacks variety and texture. In this class you’ll learn about the ingredients of, and how to wield, different scene types, from slow, contemplative scenes, to heavy-hitting dramatic scenes and dozens of others in between.

You’ll never write the same style of fiction again!

Register here: Use the drop-down menu to select the class of your choice.

  1. Great article. Covers why I’m attending your class beginning on Aug. 30th.I think better without distractions. I like the privacy of learning at home. The price is excellent. No worries about the weather. See you in a month!


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