When Blogs Really Work

In 1 on August 8, 2009 at 9:34 pm

I love this information age as much as I often find myself overwhelmed by it. When I love it are times like this: Today, a friend I went to graduate school with, who is herself an immensely talented writer, Emily Bloch, (Google her, she’s everywhere!) posted a link to a blog on Facebook.

The link will probably mean the most to anyone in GenX, as it’s about filmmaker John Hughes, whose movies we grew up on and which managed to sum up so much truth for a lot of us kids growing up in middle class families in the 80s.

Below is that link. It’s really lovely, as is her follow-up blog post the next day after more than 1100 people commented on this post, surprising the heck out of her.

So today, I heart the internet, and am glad to be blogging, even if my readership is quite a lot smaller than 1100 🙂


  1. 🙂 What matters is the quality of the readership, not the number. And I know you have the best audience on earth.

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