Down Time

In 1 on August 19, 2009 at 7:26 pm

I started to enjoy my summer early, around May 31st, when we moved into our new house. We finally had a back yard, which encouraged lounging, and a patio, which encouraged sitting and sipping coffee while birdwatching. I didn’t even mind that the weather was so mild until mid July that it felt more like spring.

There have been lots of playdates and long walks, ice cream cones and weekends lying leisurely in parks as a family. But there’s also been a lot of work. (And I’m only working part time), including judging a contest in which I read 25 books; teaching the first in a series of online classes (so far, a blast!); editing at least one full manuscript each month; and writing several articles/book reviews.

Now it’s hit me: I didn’t have a vacation this year! As a freelance writer and editor, vacations often get forgotten unless you force yourself to take them. Oh sure, there were some long, lazy weekends, even one at the beach, but the laptop came with on most of them, and so did the work.

I wonder if there is still time before the warm months are fully gone.

It’s not as easy to just get away now with a young child, either. My son is 14 mos, so we tend to go nowhere further than a couple hours drive. Next year, though, we’re taking a vacation. I’m dreaming of Hawaii. Though the last time we went there, we came home parents to be.


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