Season of Change

In 1 on August 23, 2009 at 11:23 pm

I don’t have to fear sounding cliche when I say all things must change, do I? It’s just true! In the life of a freelance writer/editor this is more true than for others, I think. A magazine you write for for several years may fold, or they may cut back on their budget and you may find your column disappears in a puff of slashed ink. Clients come and go–hopefully they come back and bring their friends, but nothing is for sure.

It’s not a business for the weak of heart, for the stable of paycheck, or anyone who likes predictability.

Yet those things don’t bother me in the long run. And if you hope to survive as a freelancer, they can’t bother you too much either!

There’s been a lot of change this year. My boy turned 1, we bought our first home, one of my gigs dried up, and my teaching has expanded. Now, I feel the seasonal change upon me, though I’m not sure why I’m feeling that today. It’s just as warm as all the preceeding days of summer. The light is still long. The bbqs still going. It’s a strange shift I always sense in the air sometime before my birthday every year. I never know when I’ll feel it, but it creeps in overnight and makes me feel restless.

The restlessness is the snake of change slithering about my ankles. It’s a reminder that these lazy days are winding to their annual close. We say goodbye to late evenings outside, juicy watermelon, ice cream cones and tan lines. I do love the fall, actually, but I always feel the slightest bit of sadness when summer whistles its way out the door.

Fall will, however, bring a new set of online classes around here. Check them out at: My “mini-series” of 1 week classes begins in October. A new session of Fiction’s Magic Ingredient begins in November.

Enjoy these halcyon days.


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