Giving to you on My Birthday

In 1 on August 30, 2009 at 11:19 pm

Today is my birthday. I have always liked a good party, and am not ashamed to admit that during my childhood (and occasionally, ahem, since then) I unabashedly went out of my way to be the center of attention. There is a photograph of me on my 8th or 9th birthday in which I am wearing: a  fringe suede skirt with knee high cowboy boots, a lace top, a party hat AND a veil. That’s right, a veil. Or some piece of lacy fabric from my mother’s closet that passed for a veil.

I still recall waiting until all my guests had arrived and then sashaying brazenly out into my backyard, hands on hips, waiting for everyone to admire my outfit. I have a feeling the result was anticlimactic.

Anyway, on this birthday of mine in the midst of my third decade, I’ve decided that I want to give to YOU this year. So I’m giving away free classes!

That’s right!

Be the 1st, 10th and, say, 30th person to email me and I will give you a free online class:

October Mini-Series, three week-long online classes ($129 value) or

Fiction’s Magic Ingredient, in November ($149 value).

Details about classes are on the “classes” page.

Email me: jordansmuse (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject “I deserve your class!!” And then tell me in a couple of sentences why you do–or why you’d like to take them, at least 🙂

Runners up will get free copies of one of my books.



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