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This week, students in my online course “Finish What You Start” have been encouraged to strike up a relationship I call the “accountabilibuddy.” (Yes, I borrowed that from an animated tv show).  This is someone, preferably another writer, whom you both respect, and  fear a little. By “fear” I mean that you will listen to this person’s admonishments and criticism. You take them seriously. The accountabilibuddy’s job is to hold you to the goals you set for yourself as a writer. I have my students write a letter to this person using the following template:

Dear x

You know that I’m a writer, and frankly, I am a damn fine one! But I need support to help me finish my writing goals so I don’t whittle away my time trying to find naked pictures of Johnny Depp online when I should be writing. I respect you, trust you and know that you can help me be accountable to myself and my writing. My goals for myself are as follows: I will write x hours or words, x number of days per week on Project X until I finish a draft. I would like to send you my log each week. If I completed my goals, please cheer me on and tell me that Mother Theresa has nothing on me, for I am great. If I did not, please remind me that life when I am not writing is as bad as a forced marathon of Steven Segal movies in which I am not allowed to take a bathroom or snack break.

 Your buddy,X

So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself an accountabilibuddy today!


Meanwhile, there’s still time to REGISTER for my next 1 week online course, “Learn to Layer Scene Types.”

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  1. I think it is awesome that you are suggesting this to your readers and students! I am a big fan of accountab… Many of the important accomplishments I have made were manifested with the support of one or more buddies. It’s amazing how powerful these dynamics are and how great it feels when you reach your goals. Also I find extremely beautiful how the other person feels when their partner reaches the goal. I can say that I’ve felt just as good when my buddies reached their goals, as I’ve felt when I have reached mine… because, in a way, theirs became mine too.

    I’m happy you’re sharing this knowledge for others to benefit!

    Much love,

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