Making Time

In 1 on November 2, 2009 at 4:02 pm

make timeI’m a mother with only 15 hours of daycare a week (and a little bit more if you count the time that his father takes him over the weekend). A self-employed freelance writer, editor and teacher, and novelist too.

Before my son was born, before home ownership, I marvel at how much I got done: I worked nearly full time, enrolled in a low-residency MFA program (yeah, I graduated too), wrote fiction in the morning before work, produced a bi-monthly radio show, a weekly evening reading salon, and freelance wrote on the side. I know, what side, right?

But there was a side–I socialized and spent time with my husband and saw my family.

Did I mention I’m a little Type A?

So right now I’ve got a fever to be doing NanoWriMo…I want it so badly I could have a little tantrum, but I hate to set myself up for failure. When I don’t finish something, it really, really irks me. And I’ve got plenty of unfinished material crowding up my desktops–literal and virtual–already.

But there’s no reason I can’t try to write 1000 words during my son’s naps (rather than relaxing) this month. I don’t need to write 50,000–I’ve already got 60K written (though there will be a lot of paring eventually).

I can still ride this wave in my own way and so can other Type As with not enough time to go whole  hog. There’s never a good excuse for not writing.

  1. I love NaNo, but think the most important thing is for us to do what you’re doing–figure out a way to make it our own and get some extra progess wherever we need it! I’m adding one draft of a picture book to my work time this month, a genre I’ve never done before and am pretty intimidated about. But…30 days of work on it, and I should have SOMETHING. Like you’ll have a lot more words on your WIP. Good luck! And may the boy take long naps. 🙂

  2. Becky, yes, we have to be crafty. I think Nano is a great, mass push to put energy into our creative projects. I love being caught up in a wave of energy–I would write tons of words if there was something like this more often 🙂 Good luck to you, too!!

  3. As a sister Type-A type who has lost her “side” to new motherhood, I completely relate. It’s a death and a rebirth of expectation and intention as motherhood stretches our margins (and a few other things) beyond our wildest, high-achieving expectations!

  4. Sage, yes, it is a death and rebirth…continually, actually…and I prefer life with child, but it has taken many adjustments. So glad you understand.

  5. It made me drool to read your ‘before motherhood’ schedule. I might have even started wagging my tail and panting, “Throw me the ball! throw me the ball! I wanna play! I wanna play!”

    But then my hormones kicked in, smothering the usual fire under my Type A butt. And my pregnancy shortened attention span wondered, “Is the fourth season of The Office downloaded yet? I want to curl up and watch like six episodes back to back. NaNo what? Master’s Thesis who? Who is Thesis and why is he pestering me?”

    I swear this baby boy in my belly has corrupted my mojo ;o)

    The thing is, I have a sneaking suspicion that there is some deep wisdom in this motherhood overhaul that happens to us. I think some sort of better balance between living and doing, so that while we are doing, we might be doing less but the result is greater quality because we are living more.

    Speaking of, my munchkin duo are about to descend upon me.

  6. Frankly, Alegra, it makes me drool too! But I think you’re right. So much that I used to get anxious about pre-baby just doesn’t even get a raised eyebrow from me now. Seriously. Motherhood does teach balance, and letting go, and laughing at yourself 🙂


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