Don’t Abuse the Slush Diggers

In Business of Writing, Craft on November 29, 2009 at 4:31 am

In the game of writing, we must either learn to laugh at ourselves, or it’ll be a non-stop sob-fest, right?

Which is why I love the rejectionist for (her?) refreshingly honest barbs about life as a slush pile digger:

“I wish I could say that my role as an intermediary between the humble masses and a publishing contract has taught me grace and compassion; instead, it’s taught me that the world is overrun with racist, lady-hating lunatics, hell-bent on inflicting their own horrific visions upon an unsuspecting populace. And yet, once in a very great while, I find a little island of magic in a sea of despair: that query so lovely, so perfect, so charmingly funny that I can almost picture its author, its sample pages peppered with a handful of flawless phrases that make me catch my breath in wonder and think, Yes, thank God, this one. This one. For that chance, I’ll keep reading. “

You don’t want to abuse the likes of her with your query, do you? I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I’m good at queries. Mine have worked at getting me agents, freelance assignments and a variety of other miscellany. I can help you with yours, too.

Contact me if you need such a service (Hint: select the “contact” button at top), or visit my website:


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