Switching Seats on the Flying Teacups

In Business of Writing, Interviews, Profiles on March 2, 2010 at 5:08 pm

Wow, where have I been? Oh yeah…Editing your manuscripts. Revising a novel. Teaching classes. Writing the occasional article. Not to mention raising a nearly 21 month old boy. (And dealing with a mainline drain stoppage and hoping these El Nino rains don’t also lead to flooding)!

In other words I feel like I’ve been jumping from seat to seat in that dizzying ride at the carnival–the flying teacups. Some days I feel euphoric, high from the ride. Other days, I feel dazed and like I might just lose my lunch. Such is the life of a freelance editor/writer. Maybe such is the life of anyone in this “new economy” as it is irritatingly being called.

To help, however, I’ll be starting a new Writers’ Interview series then on what I am loosely, and hilariously calling, “Time Management.” I know, it should be more like: Time Wrangling or “The Illusion that I Have Any Control Over Time…”

Look for interviews with bestselling suspense novelist Robert Dugoni; Becky Levine, author of the Writer’s Critique Group Survival Guide; Writing coach Marla Beck…and more.

  1. That’s the perfect description. I’m doing good these days if I can look at a week at a time and not freak! Sometimes, a day at a time. Hang in there!

  2. Great, Becky. We’ll be hearing more from you soon!!

  3. There’s a “time management tip” that I’ve found most useful: To do things in this order:

    1. Important & urgent
    2. Important & not urgent (here’s the trick)
    3. not important & urgent
    4. not important & not urgent

    I’ll be reading those interviews and surely enjoying them very much. Your interviews fall into category 2: important content and insight. Though not urgent, they are something not to miss!

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