Write in the Face of Disaster

In Business of Writing, Classes, Craft, Musings on March 21, 2010 at 7:18 pm

The spate of recent earthquakes rumbling ’round the world has brought out my inner scaredy cat. I do live in California, after all, old hat at the temblor game, and as those History Channel disaster shows all point out: we’re due for The Big One, the one that might crack us off into the sea, at any moment.

And it’s got me to thinking about how you never know what may come. Be it earthquake or some surprise gremlin lurking in a gene, the end is inevitable. Nature runs on a kind of time that us puny humans can’t even fathom. She coughs and entire species are wiped clean. She hiccups, and the human race is but a trace of carbon on her tongue that she can hardly remember.

This is all a preface to point out the fact that time, while elusive and maddening, and one of the resources that always seems to be depleted in a creative person’s life, will not wait for you to become a writer. It hurries along, breaking up continents, evolving species, and changing the shape of the universe.

The time to write is now. Whenever you can. For however long. That’s how you’ll get published, fulfilled, connected and energized. By doing it.

To help us grapple with the many condundrums of time in the next two weeks, I’ll bring you interviews and guest posts from writers and coaches. Monday we’ll see Becky Levine, author of the Writer’s Critique Group Survival Guide, and Friday will bring you Marla Beck, writing coach extraordinaire.

Feel free to add your own thoughts and struggles.

And remember: Revise for Publication starts April 16th. 4 week online class. Details:

Now go to it!



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