Say Yes! On Being Self-Producing

In Business of Writing, Musings, Publishing on May 4, 2010 at 7:47 pm

Today I’m taking author Christina Katz’s charge in her wonderful newsletter The Prosperous Writer (check it out, you’ll be inspired), to write about “being self-producing.”

Her topic made me think about what I would have to very loosely call my “mantra” on my own publishing/writing journey. Put simply: “What do I have to lose?”  That coupled with, “I wonder if I can…” pretty much sum up everything I’ve done in my career. I’m not saying that strategy is bad–it’s good, it’s very good–but no harm in throwing yourself at goals either.

This parallels with the talk I’ll be giving at the California Writer’s Club Marin branch on May 23rd, “My Wild and Wooly, Stumble and Bumble my Way to Success Story.” What it’s really about is how you can be published  and have a thriving career/writing life,  by saying YES to opportunities, even if they don’t pay money at first. If you take them seriously enough, they will!

My approach has always been to either join or create those adventures I wanted to be part of. Literary salon. Radio show. I’m not saying I produced these things out of nothing–but you’d be amazed what’s available if you look and ask.

And on that note, the wonderful Amber Starfire has interviewed me about my path at her blog  Writing Through Life. You have a chance to win free copies of my books by posting comments there and “buzzing” about what you read through various social networking sites. She’s really awesome!

  1. What a positive, upbeat way of looking at things. I needed that today!

  2. Thanks India. I’m an eternal optimist (though I have a dark pessimist who, every once in a while, binds and shackles my optimist to a far corner of my mind where she quietly sits there thinking about how great it is that she has this time to rest…wink).


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