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Fighting Writing Overwhelm

In Classes, Fiction Writing on December 13, 2010 at 11:00 pm

The other day I stopped in a brand name, big-box bookstore to meet a friend on an out of town trip.  (As a rule I try to buy my books and magazines from my local Independent bookstore, but I often glean ideas to order by visiting the biggies). Like a snake to a hot, flat rock I found my way by instinct to the writing craft section whereby, just like Garp in John Irving’s novel The World According to Garp nearly flatlines at the choices in an American grocery store aisle, my brain immediately began screaming “TILT. TILT.”  There are so many books on the craft of writing; on how to be a Breakout novelist; a bestseller; how to write plots and plot mysteries and kill your darlings and write about killing and in just thirty days plot your way to a million dollars and a yacht.

In a word, the writing section can be downright OVERWHELMING.

And it got me to thinking about what is really the most crucial advice that a new writer needs to know. As I have written two of these books of instruction, (Make a Scene, and with Rebecca Lawton, Write Free) so I feel somewhat responsible for contributing to this top-heavy field of information. As someone who coaches writers, and edits manuscripts and teaches writing, I know that if you let a new writer read “all the right books” what you’ll have is a writer who might just want to give up before she begins.

That’s why I keep teaching my favorite class: Fiction’s Magic Ingredient, which is–no surprise–all about the golden nugget of fiction writing, the scene, part of my personal writing mission. That’s it. I’m just teaching you one thing–but I’m teaching it to you from every angle. So if you want to cut through the overwhelm and learn about the one essential magic piece of writing that will honestly and truly change your writing forever, there are still a few spaces left at: . It is a wonderful gift to give to a writer in your life as well, and before December 20th, I’m offering a $40 discount.

Fiction’s Magic Ingredient is 8 weeks long and begins January 10th. It is online and self-paced, using yahoo groups. Regularly $249, you can register for $209 until December 20th.

Let me help you cut through the noise!